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By Tim S Poma

No matter how hard I ever try
It feels like I’m always going to die
Because the love I give holds no clout
In stead it is showered in shadows of doubt
And the people doubting my motivations
Only complicates these complications
Which arouses my loves hesitation
While surprising my hearts realization
For I have jeopardized my relations
with all my false mind education
And my means of mental elevation
For my own mental masturbation
I find myself in need of inspiration
From this timed and tired situation
That makes me feel that I need to make hast
Before I wake up one morning in this waste
Of a life in which I have stood against and for
Which leaves me buried on the ocean floors
For in the stars of the divination it is true
That’s why we all must feel so blue
And we pay to cover beauty with new tattoos
Because we are board and know not what to do
Because were surrounded by the who
Who jeopardize our life’s potential too
And those people are me and you.


Paint a new picture

Posted in Poetry in Motion on September 16, 2010 by heartcomplex

Paint a new picture

With water colors galore

Sign a new declaration

That sings of life’s what for

Too many days have we seen them reign

Now its time to pick up the reigns

Drain the soul of all its tears

And put a smile on our face from ear to ear

Can any one here me this is an S.O.S

Ill I can see is children and people in distress

I’m not calling on you 7 I’m calling on all

I want to see us rise up

To advocate there fall

I see us all big and small

Poor and rich

Making us work for there living

Was the systems glitch

I don’t want to pretend any more that every things ok

For when I look at the night’s sky every thing looks gray

The time is coming for a new reason to be

The time is upon us to reach for eternity

The man with the plan keeps signing to me

Signing me a story that is shrouded in victory

This is the tale of new eternity

One where compassion and love will

Win us victory!

Devastation of their disaster

Posted in Poetry in Motion on September 16, 2010 by heartcomplex

Can you not think                     about?

The things that make us scream and shout

Do you not think                       that I

Had this all figured out  with out a doubt

I shout for all the souls to see

That in time we will be in line with our divinity

Take not a sent

Don’t vent

Just let the beast be

For in the shadows lurking        it is me

Patiently approaching

The dawning of a our lives

Basted in love and a dove takes its flight

Heading straight for the darkness amongst the light

Ready your soul for a ruff and tumbled fight

Fight for your life

Fight for the right

As we bathe in the sun light

Making things right


Our souls finally will take flight

Ask not a question

Just remember the answer

For in our mirror

Lies the devastation to there disaster.