Devastation of their disaster

Can you not think                     about?

The things that make us scream and shout

Do you not think                       that I

Had this all figured out  with out a doubt

I shout for all the souls to see

That in time we will be in line with our divinity

Take not a sent

Don’t vent

Just let the beast be

For in the shadows lurking        it is me

Patiently approaching

The dawning of a our lives

Basted in love and a dove takes its flight

Heading straight for the darkness amongst the light

Ready your soul for a ruff and tumbled fight

Fight for your life

Fight for the right

As we bathe in the sun light

Making things right


Our souls finally will take flight

Ask not a question

Just remember the answer

For in our mirror

Lies the devastation to there disaster.


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