By Tim S Poma

No matter how hard I ever try
It feels like I’m always going to die
Because the love I give holds no clout
In stead it is showered in shadows of doubt
And the people doubting my motivations
Only complicates these complications
Which arouses my loves hesitation
While surprising my hearts realization
For I have jeopardized my relations
with all my false mind education
And my means of mental elevation
For my own mental masturbation
I find myself in need of inspiration
From this timed and tired situation
That makes me feel that I need to make hast
Before I wake up one morning in this waste
Of a life in which I have stood against and for
Which leaves me buried on the ocean floors
For in the stars of the divination it is true
That’s why we all must feel so blue
And we pay to cover beauty with new tattoos
Because we are board and know not what to do
Because were surrounded by the who
Who jeopardize our life’s potential too
And those people are me and you.


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