Timmy and Marissys Mission

by Marissa Bowers and Tim S Poma

Woke up in the morning,
Still yawning we wiped the sweet from our brow
And started our march up a mountain named cow
Once we arrived the clouds were up to my eye
As I took a deep breath I let out a joyous sigh
The tundra crawled to the top on all fours
And within that cab that mountain we did explore
As we reached the peak we talked tong and cheek
and when we got to the top we meet Dillon and Lee
And then we talked about how great it would be to be this free
They played us there bongos and strummed us a song 2 or 3
And then we departed because it was time to leave!

So back down the mountain we drove
With our minds open and our hearts all aglow
Ready for action ready for some more
So we picked up a sandwich and headed towards the shore

As the sun rays reached through the tall redwood trees
We could see the light dancing on there levees
But then our hunger got the best of we
So to the shoulder we did go
To grab a bite to eat and then continue the show
Once back inside of the ride
We hit highway one and set our cruse at 55
Till we saw a lady wow looked ½ alive
So we made a quick decision.. Pulled over and gave her a ride

Her name was Natalie and she kind of smelt like pee
On here finger she war a diamond incrusted Masonic ring
To Mendocino we went as she sat in my truck like a bag of cement
Finally departing after we gave her our two since
And as she left so did her stench

So back on the road we continued to fly
As fort brag, Westport and Legget all passes us by
We finally turned south on 101 and to our surprise
And with our bloodshot eyes we finally felt alive
Inspired to write by things we have seen and heard
We hope that our message doesn’t sound at all absurd!


2 Responses to “Timmy and Marissys Mission”

  1. This is very fun and well written! I could see the events of the day so clearly I felt as though I was in the car. Good job.

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