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Lost and drowning

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The sound of this town
Would rather you drown
As you take a left off of loves lane
You wrack your brain
For some way to explain
And how to make a change
For this life that went estranged
While we look to our pockets for change
We won’t find any
Cause you can never afford it
You never have enough
But what if what you needed was the person
Glaring at you in the mirror
Oh look how this life has been arranged

Listen to your intuition
Make it your Sunday mission
Become your indecision
Time to make your decision

It’s the beginning of the end
As all the clocks strike half past 10
This will never be a bitter end
If we hold onto our hearts
For they will lead us to the start
On this mission for love never fought
And surly not ever remembered and never forgot

In space we can retrace where we’ve been
And where were going
We don’t need no history lesson
Just follow our DNA
And watch the way it twist and turn
The scars glow as they burn
And for this reason my heart it yearns
Ready to burn and take its turn
As love is ready to be thought and hopefully relearned


Fall like Oil

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They always say only time will tell
But is not that the reason for this spell?
Will we fall like oil in an underwater spill
Or rise like a volcano of emotion till
We fall unto the ocean
And swim like salmon
Threw all the filth
And pretend that it doesn’t kill
Our sprit and our will
The faith in our hearts the hope in his eyes
As he parted the seas and begin to cry
As the flood of emotion hath run dry

But only time will tell
Were we hide our sprits that dwell
Underneath our egos
As we clothes our self in cash
We forgot about the salmon
As the eagle has lead the bear away
From the river that he used to play
Time is telling and this spell is ending
As I sing of time
In this love song never ending

Heading toward the master he speaks of disaster
If we cant think faster
As we careening threw the universe
With our forgotten since of worth
We telling time speak of rebirth

So fall like the oil in an underwater spill


Posted in Poetry in Motion on December 31, 2010 by heartcomplex

written by Tim S Poma

Pull my head up off this floor
Look around to see there is no score
As were left trembling on all fours
We realize this glass house has no doors

Have I been asleep?
Or in a trance I can’t think
Did I get drunk off there drink
Or are we all going to fall from the brink?

Love your dreams hate your screams
And scream for the right to dream
As silent angels scream
That our day dreams
Are good enough to scream!

Let the anger be your reason
Let the fall be your season
As we multiply and divide
We let the truth slide
Forever dreaming of a fairy tale
Which turn in to a nightmare
The answers are falling fast
I just hope there are enough words of reason
At witch to grasp
As the hibernation of my love breaks the glass

Alive in to life

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Who do we follow?
Who do we let lead
And is he in it for you and me
Or is he just making things bleed
Will we all suffer?
From our own arrogance
Or will we be revived
And come alive
As the hands of time rewind

Wicked this crocked line
Could not find
Where anybody keeps in mind
What it feels like to be alive

Come alive
Take a dive
For in love we all hide

Wants and Needs

Posted in Poetry in Motion on December 28, 2010 by heartcomplex

Written by Tim S Poma

Wants and needs are like weeds and seeds.
Only one is planted in this soil called greed.
When the weeds give root they grow up so tall
You can’t even seem to see the lovely seeds at all
As we let the weeds quietly consumes the tracks
Neglect is all we ever see when we look back
Instead of wanting I say lets plant some seeds
Of love and joy and a well deserved victory
A righteous fight where you won’t need a knife
But only your heart that is filled with his light
It’s been a fort night or four score, no is for sure
We can’t remember we’re never keeping score
They have devoured Love with there ideas like weeds
And invested in us to consume and need all this greed
But my seed refuses to simmer or shin in this environment
In a concrete jungle filled with wants we wear like cement
So its time to say we need some room to grow
And break apart these wants that we have let show
For I know the Love in my heart will lead me to succeed
Cause in the end this love is all I ever really need


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Written by Tim S Poma
Inspired by CMJ

Id be lying if I said I didn’t miss you
And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to kiss you
For all that you did for me how can I resist
For all the love that you gave that I truly miss
You were an angel in disguise
So under cover you couldn’t see you’re self
So under cove you couldn’t see your own wealth
If I could reset the stage and do it differently
I would make our time last longer than infinity
But those days are over as we cover our heads
And spend time apart lying in different beds
But in my heart you will live on in grace
And a smile will come to me every time I see your face
Just to think that I was able to share the same space
With the most beautiful girl in the human race

You know who you are and with this may you go far
I write you tonight because of the lack of a fight
My tears are on the back burner as we both walk away
But not a moment goes by when I don’t think of you ever day.
You filled my heart with light I will hold forever
The good time we spent I will always remember
As the clock tip toes past December
Another year goes by and I still think of you
But I wonder if our time apart will lead me back to you
I haven’t stop loving you I never will I always do
You mean the world to me in so many ways
And when I think of you life seems a little less gray

Go Far

Posted in Poetry in Motion on December 19, 2010 by heartcomplex

Written by Tim S Poma
For in the songs that we all sing
The understanding stats to ring
A bell of fermilurness
And it’s just in time as I stat to rinse
My hands off of all this dirt
For I will do no more dirty work
I don’t want to be a lap dog
I don’t even want to be a hog
I just want to be back in my place
Where it is warm and life dose taste
Like the sweetest rose made of rain
Watch this storm wash away our pain
There is no you and there is no me
Just the voice of reason and that’s reality
We must all see in our hearts it’s true
And stop listing to what they do
For when we tune out of there scheme
We once again are free to dream
About our life that’s in the stars
And this existence in which we will go far!!!!