Burn the Curtain

By Tim Scott Poma

The sun shine never shines the same
Even in our darkest day
The winds brings clouds of black and gray
While the moon light shines to wash it away
We can not sit or stay
We have got to move today
But wait for my queue
If that’s really what you want to do
There’ll be no speaking out nor a scram or shout
For the eyes and the ears up in the sky
Are not who we think we realize
That the powers that be have been listening to we
Just for a chance to hear a little tyranny
Oh is it not me? the tyrant is not we
It’s the government you think you see on tv
And there is nothing we could do to change
The direction of the world stage
For were all players in the light
And they are fisherman hoping we will bite
But I know were brighter than these dark days
Just keep shining to burn the curtain away


2 Responses to “Burn the Curtain”

  1. Jenna Shepherd Says:

    …enjoying this for sure….

    • Thanks Jenna! You rock girl! thanks for taking some time out of your supper busy day to read what i have to say i appreciate it greatly thank you again! much love and many blessings girl!

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