cave man

Written By TSP
The cave man walks around all day
Looking for the words to say
He knows not what he’s living for
Or who on earth is keeping score
He only knows that the wheel it turns
And that the flame of fire gives light and burns
And with out the sun blazing bright
His fears all come to light at night
He’s just looking for a bright star
Some one that will take him far

We are still just like this here man
Who left us wondering why we can
Think ideas and Wright them down
Only we no longer write in stone or on the ground
We still look for light to flow
With out seeing the beauty of the swallows
As the stream still flows on down
And even with no one there is still a sound
Resonating from the under ground
Deep in our core is where the sound compounds

The match stick was an innovation
Now we live in a Silhouette of a nation
With darkness smothering our vibration
But in the moon light you can still see creation
With Humanity on the decline
We still ripen like the fruit of the vine
When our fruit is harvested
We will all be ready for a new lesson
We sick and tired of all the lies
So lets all get together for a revolutionary surprise

The government keeps stepping in
Taping our phones and listening
To all the word that we say
So that they can coo a revolution it s way
But they can’t stop the beat of the base and drum
Or the way the world turn and the rising sun
We can’t for get to love each other in this life
And look inside to find the Christ
Deep with in our soul lies control
So open up and let your son show


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