Light and Energy

Written by Jeff Walker and Tim Scott Poma

A short message to Jeff…
Thanks Jeff for all your energy and thanks for shedding the light on my path. Many blessing my good friend. Keep the light and energy Flowing!

Light and Energy

When you’re walking down streets
Every person that we meet
Wearing the souls beneath their feet

Is light and energy

Some try and hide it
Many try to override it
But don’t you dare deny this

Light and energy

You won’t find it in our dime
And it will withstand the test of time
So I’ll convey it in my rhyme

that we’re Light and energy

We don’t need all these useless things
So go ahead and set your mind at ease
As we flow like the branches in the breeze

we are Light and energy

It will take you higher than a kite
If you believe with all your might
Never left but always right

because we’re Light and energy

You know they try and tap us
And they alway try to map us
But they will never ever trap us

our infinite Light and energy

Let every being sound from a human to a hound
You know you won’t be bound
Never lost but always found

in this Light and energy

It’s beauty to behold
So let the truth be told
Will never grow old

As light and energy

All we really are
is energy from the stars
And as we shoot we will go far

With our light and energy


One Response to “Light and Energy”

  1. Jeff you are a talented individual with a many splendid spiritual gifts you shine like the sun and the stars and this is why i know your light and energy will go far…. now keep writing you shooting star!

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