Zero to Hero

Written By TSP
We need heroes bad
So pick up your pen and your writing pad
Write down something that makes you sad
Or better yet something that makes you mad

Its time to stop lying to ourselves
And putting our vanity above every thing else
Its time to punish those with the wealth
For they just keep stealing it from every one else

Pick up your pen and jot this down
The crazy words that come from my sound
The revolution is on the rebound
We need no weapons we just need our sound

Music is the sound of nature
Let it in your heart for it to nurture
Your life here in time in this universe
Now take that sound and let it mature

Melt your mind in to words
Make sure they come out nice and sure
Try to keep you common sense
And throw all you pennies at the fence

No money will mater where were going
It only matters that you’re not afraid to sing
So untwist your tong and let it ring
The sweetest sound of our destiny

No weapons in the world can hold us down
We just have to keep signing our sound
And keep it echoing in the darkness that surrounds
Every single city village and our towns


2 Responses to “Zero to Hero”

  1. Jenna Shepherd Says:

    thumbs up, once again

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