Written By Tim Scott Poma

I’m just trying to be the best atom I can be
But I strive and strive and still get lost in my guilt and gluttony
How can this be the oldest trick in the book
I stare at myself but I can’t even remember how I looked
Before I took a step up the tree of life
Now I sit here and cry and beg for forgiveness of this life
For what I have become and all the things in sight
I use to be such a simple minimal modest man
Now I need everything or I am unhappy
And then I see these things they sell me are crappy
Yet they still bombard me with advertising
Selling us our own vanity and beauty and the next best thing
So sad when I see the man with his head down
I would give them almost anything just to turn a frown
As I sit and try to swallow there new pill down
I’m stuck in a puddle of pain and drink to get it down


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