Lingered Lessons of the Past

Written by Tim Scott Poma

The rain is gone but pain still lingers on
From a past that is far surpassed it time I thought it wouldn’t last
Things that you created, still linger in me
Things that you would debate were the downfall of me
Never there before you my dear and now
It screams in my soul
Like a vulture looking for some substance
I want these traits which you have placed in me to escape
For they hinder my place as I pretend you were a mistake
You used him against me and it made me crazy
Then I see the evidence of your indiscretion
Not shortly after I run back because I haven’t learned my lesson
But its to my discursion I can’t release this lesson
Hanging over my head like a piano
I know one day it will be my down fall
But in till that day doll
I stand as tall as I can try to regain courage
Something I had which you discouraged
I can’t believe I let you run me down
As I look back I sit and frown
Not allowing me to be myself
Why did I not see how these cards were dealt?
Always batting your eyes in disgust
For the way I acted which was me, a must
But for now I stay away and try and forget the lessons of yesterday
As I move further and further away
I can’t help but wonder why I obeyed
Everything you said
Every thought you put in my head
As hind site is the past I know these thoughts will run out fast
But you’re killing me with mannerisms you instilled
In me and I and I want my life back
Because I can far surpass anything you’ve placed on my back!


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