Sad, Depressed, Lonely, Lost

Written by Tim Scott Poma

Don’t know where I am and can’t remember where I’ve been
Seen and said a lot of things I have to live with
Guilt and fear clouds my soul and my eyes start to drift
In the wrong direction towards apocalypse
Forgetting what I’ve done too many things to worry about
Forgetting about our history and how far our ancestors bout
Fighting for our liberties that we all take for granted
To live a life in luxury in debt and routine so mundane
Just so we can be another of there thousands of slaves
With our debt to income ration in the negative 95
We are working more and more hours just to stay alive
They would take everything if they could and this is not a lie
To pursue there own agendas for there companies corporate profit
They purchase up the media and put our lives at risk
Advertising drugs and alcohol with avid side effects
They fill us up with a spun agenda feeding off our fear and ignorance
Keeping us so nervous that something has got to give
So afraid even when we see the police out on the beat
If you put your ear to the ground you can here the vibration threw the street
Resonating from the core of the earth out threw the fertile ground
Where there should be love there is only fear and hate that sounds
So sad, depressed and lonely I don’t want to be afraid
Let’s take what we have learned and make the best of today
Which is the propose of our presence here I assure you this
To agopi one another be kind and compassionate
Be thankful for what you have and learn from the negative
Smile constantly, be honest and always stay positive
As our beautiful blue world turns so do the precision hands of time
Ticking away till the inevitable drop of there dime


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