The Lost Path

Written By Tim Scott Poma

Darkness encompasses my once fruitful view
I pray that the light at the end leads to you
My path was once straight and narrow
My course was set and I was off like an arrow
Now I can’t see her beauty and her halo
And I can’t hear the soothing sounds that coated like aloe
Now a gust of wind blows threw like a fire
And yet I can’t see an end to my loving desire
My palms become moist from a familiar smell
And I know it’s working, I can taste your love spell
As I approach the end of my dark day
I drop to my knees and instantly start to pray
He tells me everything comes and everything goes
And where he leads me I will never know
But I remain faithful for this once vibrant soul
That came across my path and spun out of control
Off in the distance my light becomes brighter
And the load of my worries becomes far lighter
I just prayed that I can get you back
Not this way but with all your love in tack
With your brown eyes that are sweeter than pie
And a love for me that could have reached the sky
Until the day I can find my path that was lost
I will sit with God and wait for our paths to cross
Until that day I pray and my world becomes a little less gray
And it gives my hope that our love will never go astray.


One Response to “The Lost Path”

  1. Says:

    Beautiful, made me cry…. Your work is amazing… I am so blessed to know you and have spend 4 years with you! All my love, Chamise

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