Folded Exit

written by Tim Scott Poma

Don’t fold your life away
If you’ve got a lot to say
About how the businessman plays
He plays with our retirement
Been spending it on paying rent
And mortgaging a leer jet
You give to him with trusting heart
It’s about that time he tears it a part
Can we not see the lies in his eyes?
I guess your clouds, that’s our demise
The trusting soul does not belong
For no one is truly on
Top of the words they all say
Even the priest slips every night and day
It is not our fault I say
God could have made us a better way
To see true intent in there brothers eyes
And in this way there could be no lies
I want to here what you really have to say
I don’t want to stress and feel this way
If you could just put the words on my tongue
It wouldn’t matter the way that you were hung
For in the light darkness can’t exist
So I spend all my time thinking of an exit


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