Mightier Than an Army

Written by Tim S Poma

The sun slipped away as David approached Goliath
No violence was in his hand to fight this coward of a giant.
Instead clenched in his fist was only a pot of ink and feather
And to think it was Goliath that thought he was so clever,

Goliath set the mood with a militia of men sautéed in his rage
As David sat silently he quickly filled yet another blank page
His tail feather from a phoenix covered in ink painted a picture of revolt
His mighty pen illuminated the hearts of many like a thunderous lightning bolt

He feverishly wrote to the sounds of the souls marching in the street
Just then the angels began to sing out chanting our spirits never sees defeat
As the Mountains of words began to surge just like the rivers and the streams
Till the love he had written began to fill the air and penetrate our dreams


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