Silently Sit

By Tim S Poma
I sit silently listing to the stream
As the birds chirp I drift away to dream
My mind starts to fall towards the deep end
And I can’t help but wonder is this the end

We could just pretend that every think is all right
But when we look in the darkness we can’t see the light
Our reign on top had to come to a stop
Mainly do to all the things we forgot
How could we forget To live in harmony
And when will we see all the pain in our trees
As there limbs shrivel up and die
I watch at a distance a blind man cry

Our time here is shallow as this babbling brook
But our impression is infinite
So to see take another look
At the stars up in the sky see the resemblance in your eye
Put down the weapon and start to pray
For a new direction and a brighter today.


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