Always slips away

By Tim S Poma

Are time always seems to slips away
When we waste our every single day
For all this our foolish slavery
Just for there dollar but they still make us pay

I rather get up and walk away
For the sky keeps turning grey
As they induce there paralysis of decay
I can not think of one reason to stay

Not for the selfishness of time
No not for a another single one of there dimes
As I watch the love march on down the line
I see our reason for love falling further behind

Some times I know not were the words come from
But still I muster the strength to twist my tong
I’m tiring to fight it as they keep the curtains hung
Oh and how long will it take for this to be undone

The stars take there places on the set
As the CEO slithers out of his new vet
The cameras rolling but not quite yet
For the stars still smoking her cigarette

Can’t you see the pain in our eyes?
It hurts so badly but there is no surprise
That we can’t see a single star up in the sky
There all superimposed for there lies

They take away the truths of the universe
The blanch it with gasoline and then rehearse
Then to the media outlets they disperse
And tonight at 6 the information they converse

There is very little truth left in our society
There fore many have lost there reason to be
Still looking for love but we barely see any
Instead a broken branch from our wisdom tree

But When I glace around I see my shadow
Walking besides me and dancing up on the ground
Reminding me of how our souls been held down
And yet we wonder why all the clowns wear frowns.


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