Wants and Needs

Written by Tim S Poma

Wants and needs are like weeds and seeds.
Only one is planted in this soil called greed.
When the weeds give root they grow up so tall
You can’t even seem to see the lovely seeds at all
As we let the weeds quietly consumes the tracks
Neglect is all we ever see when we look back
Instead of wanting I say lets plant some seeds
Of love and joy and a well deserved victory
A righteous fight where you won’t need a knife
But only your heart that is filled with his light
It’s been a fort night or four score, no is for sure
We can’t remember we’re never keeping score
They have devoured Love with there ideas like weeds
And invested in us to consume and need all this greed
But my seed refuses to simmer or shin in this environment
In a concrete jungle filled with wants we wear like cement
So its time to say we need some room to grow
And break apart these wants that we have let show
For I know the Love in my heart will lead me to succeed
Cause in the end this love is all I ever really need


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