Fall like Oil

They always say only time will tell
But is not that the reason for this spell?
Will we fall like oil in an underwater spill
Or rise like a volcano of emotion till
We fall unto the ocean
And swim like salmon
Threw all the filth
And pretend that it doesn’t kill
Our sprit and our will
The faith in our hearts the hope in his eyes
As he parted the seas and begin to cry
As the flood of emotion hath run dry

But only time will tell
Were we hide our sprits that dwell
Underneath our egos
As we clothes our self in cash
We forgot about the salmon
As the eagle has lead the bear away
From the river that he used to play
Time is telling and this spell is ending
As I sing of time
In this love song never ending

Heading toward the master he speaks of disaster
If we cant think faster
As we careening threw the universe
With our forgotten since of worth
We telling time speak of rebirth

So fall like the oil in an underwater spill


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