Lost and drowning

The sound of this town
Would rather you drown
As you take a left off of loves lane
You wrack your brain
For some way to explain
And how to make a change
For this life that went estranged
While we look to our pockets for change
We won’t find any
Cause you can never afford it
You never have enough
But what if what you needed was the person
Glaring at you in the mirror
Oh look how this life has been arranged

Listen to your intuition
Make it your Sunday mission
Become your indecision
Time to make your decision

It’s the beginning of the end
As all the clocks strike half past 10
This will never be a bitter end
If we hold onto our hearts
For they will lead us to the start
On this mission for love never fought
And surly not ever remembered and never forgot

In space we can retrace where we’ve been
And where were going
We don’t need no history lesson
Just follow our DNA
And watch the way it twist and turn
The scars glow as they burn
And for this reason my heart it yearns
Ready to burn and take its turn
As love is ready to be thought and hopefully relearned


2 Responses to “Lost and drowning”

  1. Blonde Bomb Says:

    I never noticed this one… I like it, powerful and intense but easy to vibe with

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