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Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

I walk tall but constantly fall
Still looking for the control before we lose it all
Waiting for the crown to fall
Just waiting for the one call

There’s just one minute till midnight
One minute till its all right
As we take a deep breath
We fall to rest in pieces
As we begin to breach
Your ideas of love we counter speak

Time won’t wait for you
As it’s time we lose
As we take this life off controlled cruise
We too sick of being misused
We turn away from a dark and desolate road
Where there was only greed to behold
So we turn around as we enter the sound
Of the waves and it’s all the rage
We burn the stories of this history page

We crash
We crash upon the shore
We live again to be restored
As the new number as a new slumber
And new things to remember


Give me Give me

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

They shall not want doesn’t mean that
We shouldn’t want hope peace and freedom equality to all and love forever one!

I want I want
Love to fill my heart
As tears of joy come from within
To lift my spirits high
I can not help but cry
For the truth is evident
We all will die
But I want to live forever
I want to give
My soul for those that don’t know
It’s ok to want
It’s ok to need
As long as its love
Read my words and then
You’ll know its ok to grow
No need to be afraid your actions will forever resonate
Through out the ages of time
As this love grows and begins to show
Fear not the deceptions
For they love too
And if you dig deep enough you can still see you
In their passing reflections
As we speak words that we rather not mention
I love for the sake of life
I love for the brothers, daughter and the widowed wife
As the son learns from the father so shall we
As we all stand around and let them hang us from our wisdom tree
Today is another good day
To stand up for anything good
That is left when I utter the words

I want, I want, but for not myself
But the rest of the common wealth
Who has been pushed down the plank?
To believe like fish in a tank they are free
While they shave our heads and let our freedom bleed
I cry for the rhythm that is coming back again
A tone that echoes like a bomb
As we hear the words we say boom!

Born the glimpse of heart

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

I lay in the mud
Covered in dirt.
My hands are filthy as I learned sin
Through their value of worth
So I cheated on the test
That didn’t mean much
So now I’m eaten a stolen lunch
I grow false ties
Between the mysterious and the despised
But I still see my minds “I” (idea)
For this reason tears of gold drip from our hearts
As golden streams flow to a frozen ocean
We get a glimpse of heart broken

I may bend
But you can not make me break
For your idea of my fate
You vial of deception
Your true intentions
Are reason enough for our inception

Time to go to school again
As we sing let go my ego
We turn to the id
To see where it was that we hide
The truth of all of our life’s
And why we burn and reason for our fight.

Lonely Instruments

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

By Tim S Poma

Just as the guitar gets lonely
When it is the only
It finds it comfort
Behind a bass and drum
And the microphone clinched tightly
Under thumb
Just as a heart beat grows lonely
When it feels like the only
We return to the start
To get a glimpse of the sun
Just a spark
But when it comes together
There is a sound of familiarity
Basted in the Glory of clarity
We are drenched in the idea of creativity
And there is no need to sun in the negativity
Its time to bring together the positivity
As our dusty lonely instruments
We start to tune
To the sound of the resistance
For the truth echoing on threw

Tired Haste

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

Tired haste

Tied times
Twisted vines
And wicked lies
That leaves our youth surprised
At all of our selfish words
And a tainted truth of worth

Tired times
Twisted vines
And wicked lies
As we leave our parents surprised
At all our selfish deed
And our ideas of we

Oh is it greed
Or is it sleaze
Or the glare of the television screen
That causes our insanity in our breeze

We no want no more professional pretenders
We sit humbled as we wait for the thunder
To replenish our worth and eliminate our waste
We make hast before telling time runs out
As we turn in the sun into a new day

The sun won’t set
On the currency I brought
And the lessons that I’ve thought
As love will infect the soul
And the dollar will be forgot

Ears to the ground

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

Written by Tim S Poma

Listen my children
Listen my friends
Here me now family

This is what we thought
This was our dream
So why have they taken it from we
Did we not keep our ears to the ground?
To busy with our heads in the clouds
Now can we not remember how to defeat this sound?

Listen as I break
Listen as I take
Your breath away
And listen when I say

We took for granted our own dreams
Now all that’s left is shekels on a forgotten dream
But the one thing I remember
Is that soon enough they forget about we
And they forget about why I cry and we sing
Like dust on a golden wing
We shake this reality
With one big scream

Lift your head up
Get it unstuck
As we glimpse at what it could be
If it was love

Love This Time

Posted in Poetry in Motion on January 28, 2011 by heartcomplex

Written By Tim S Poma

Wait a minute let me think,
Is this a dream or are we really on the brink,
Of defeat from the cloaked cowards?
Who we let encourage us to act absurd,
Excuse me if I seem perturbed but,
I don’t want to here them utter one more word!
For they make my people cry,
They fill there vision with shekels and chains,
And fill our mind with razor blades,
So we will all just go easy and lay down and die.
But I fight for the sound that echoes from the roots,
Of the wisdom who hides under this ground.
Let my people sing let our freedom ring!
And we will make love this time!
and we will make her sing!