Flying Forever Free

Writen by Tim S Poma
Inspired By CPG

No matter what comes to pass,
Or what kinds of rules they make last,
They can’t take away my soul,
For it always flys forever free.
Amongst the clouds and the heavens,
And Beneath the souls of our feet.
It takes my breath away,
And it’s the air that we breathe.
It’s the reason we can conceive,
And it’s ME, and YOU, and we all came as ONE
All united under the bright burning sun.
But we proliferate till we can’t see straight,
As to where were all from,
Or what it is we have become
But there is only one truth
And it’s that we are all the same
Made in the image and now we all caved
Traded our images for makeup and idles
Now we lie lonely for there’s no soul beside you
But I tell you this what ever will come to pass
When our neutrality subsides and makes us get off our ass
We will see all our soul at last
Flying forever free


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