Wise Old Owl

Written by Tim Scott Poma

There’s a an owl at the edge
Who’s been sitting on a ledge
Watching all the puppets consume.

He was once lost in the wind
And blinded by smoke in the breeze
But finally he found refuge in a tree.

Where the stillness of leafs
Brought him comfort and ease
Then he was able to once again hear and see.

His mind had been twisted and tied
To the roots were they all had lied
Then he heard and listened to the cry on the inside.

Oh makes you wonder
If there’s more to life than thunder
And all of our great mistakes and blunders.

The people and hours grow in light
As it’s this time we choose to fight
For the time all was wrong was made right.

Ready the wise owl leaves the trees
He set his sights across the galaxy
As he flaps his wings for a fiery victory.


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