Shaman and the Machines

By Tim S Poma

I am a shaman amongst machines
Living in twisted metal dreams
Where gears go up and down
Round and round and round
While make a mechanical sound
My visions have been misconstrued
The work of the devil it all came true
They say it gets better every day
But you show me a machine that’s smiling
And I’ll show you 10 million people who aint
My mind and body was the blueprint
A phallic playground for the scientist
And once they had discovered
What it was they could uncover
They made me and you out of metal
Oh how Cold and lonely I became
all my pieces parts affixed and I was made
So cold I can’t feel any more I only think
With my one true love slipping down the sink
Funny, I use to be used like some sort of machine
And Now I am in decay with my rusty dreams
Replaced by stainless steel
Gold, iron, copper and the wheel
And all that’s left for me is the bill


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