We, Our, They

By Jeff Walker and Tim S Poma

We eat the fruit
We thank the bee
And the Goddess of our being

We become the rind
We get left behind
And we can not see the existence of this crime

We decompose
We are the rose
And there hips of seed that we sew

Our eyes only see vanity
Our ears only hear insanity
And we turn this life of ours in to one big calamity

Our brain has a stain
Our mind has been contained
And all our actions are now made in vain

Our mind is feeble
Our thoughts unreliable
And our pride has become undeniable

They are reason for decay
They make all happiness turn grey
And they won’t listen to the words we say

They are the bankers
They are the law makers
And they want you to give up your heart, any takers

They spend all day
They never give only take away
And continue to write there own verse in this play


We are the new seed
We are the new breed
And we have more love to give then anybody can conceive

We are the hearts desires
We are the reason for the fire
And we will never fall for there lies which will expire

We are the change
We are the light
So step in to truth and let your heart ignite

Our soul it floats
Our hearts run on hope
And they will never be able to climb this rope

Our focus is becoming clear
Out time to unite is very near
And our frequency strongly resonates for all to hear

Our minds are changing
Our thoughts are rearranging
And all of our souls in love, in the universe are engaging

They state their own reasons
They continually change like the seasons
And in reality they should be tried for treason

They can’t control us any more
They have superimposed their last shore
And there lines and walls of division won’t work any more

They trapped and caged the truth
They continually recite it from the booth
And now more truth then they know is on the loose

We stand to rise
We are their demise
And we understand that this coin has two sides

Our heart can’t be fooled
Our love can no longer be ruled
And this hypocrisy we call democracy will be re-tooled

They can take no more lives
They have eaten their last piece of pie
And together we are the truth, the light and a victory in disguise


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