Judgement and Understanding

If lack of understanding leads to judgment
Then we seal our fate in a bottomless pit
As we are all forced to suck on this tit
Our souls are all torn to pieces
And were left chewing on there bit
As they stuff knowledge down our pipes
We can’t regain confidence to read between these lines
Stuck in a bind a self imposed quandary of time
Repeating the same story with no end in sight
For this I want to fight to elevate their mind
But they won’t listen to anything
They pretend that they can’t hear me sing
As I was dusted in love that the angels bring
I was blessed by the breath of God and his frequency
They chopped down my wings like trees and told me I was odd
How quickly I made myself into something I was not
They Stole the light of my lamp and put a cramp in my style
Till I no longer knew happiness or how to truly let my soul smile
But your judging days are over when I walk away
With all my friends and family that will make you say
I’m so sorry for the things I said and did
I should have cared more for the future of our kids.


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