Money Flows


Money flows where money lies
Watch the trail and see the ties
Painted in our American democracy
Politicians united under a financial hypocrisy
Selling us a capitalistic agenda
Where the power lies with the man with the money
And here we are full circle again isn’t it funny
To see that our politicians have no control
Unlike the influential sound of the money roll
The money backed by big corporate banks
Are the cause of our laws and the lobbyist pranks
Just like with amendment regarding the Federal Reserve
We as humans have once again been served
By another bank, and the elite men with money
To these few men from there vaults it is always sunny
These poor men prefer the compound of interest
Rather than the sound of individual success

The hand that gives is above the hand that takes, money has no mother land financiers are with out patriotisms and with out decency. Their sole objective is to gain. Napoleon Bonaparte


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