Shake it off-American monkey

Written by Tim S Poma

I hear a little girl scream, I heard a boy shout fuck you man
The traffic whizzes by, as the birds call out your name in the sky
The jeep power wheels move forward and back, forward then back
As the skill saw replaces the buzzes of the busy little bee
A hammer and nail is what I use to use
Now the noises in this life has got me so much confused
The jet rips by leaving imitation clouds in the sky
This is where the breath of god our breeze use to play
In and out of the sun warmth and light each and every day
Allow me to say, what did we do to let it get away
Were we speeding off through space in hopes that our past would erase
We all stopped looking in the mirror at our reflections of our face
Nothing ever stays except the damage or love we create
As the silence of our past all gets boxed up and misplaced
Behind the planes, trains and automobiles
Is the noise of the guns when the trigger leads to kill
Too much chatter we can’t hear our brother crying for a meal
So listen while I turn the music up and let these beans spill
For behind the backdrop of all this death and decay
Still sat silently the blessings of our first beautiful day
A reason to be a reason to share
a reason my compassion still lays heavy in the air
You can fix this he muttered as if his voice was befuddled
As if it was coming througha giant black hole like a puddle
Which is where we are at, drowning in the sound so black
Time to make amends; the judgment comes from you again
See in yourself that forgiveness is this, a loving fact
Now let’s get these sounds of this American monkey off my back!

Shake it off
Shake it off
Don’t ever let your love get soft
Shake it off


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