Follow Your Streams

Written By Tim S Poma

As I walk I begin to run.
As I chase my shadow around in the sun,
But the chaser soon becomes the chased,
And I can not see a better time to start a new race.
Its something I’ve been putting off for weeks,
Months, Years, decades, and millennia.
I know there’s no time like the present
But I haven’t really been here recently.
I let my mind slip and play in some economy,
And when it came back it was bankrupt,
Along with all my values and morals which had becoming corrupt.
With my mind like a volcano about to erupt on the brink
I had to take some time to stop, start and then rethink.
Re-tool my mind and remember to be kind,
To myself and to other it makes no difference were all the same
Because through these veins all our blood lead to the same pain.
Our beating hearts together ring out deep inside me
But the sound its not ours its also sang by the sea
And it crashes the same wave frequency and says “set me free”
As all the pumping rivers and streams always lead to
The place they were supposed to be
I feel my heart start to beat more slowly.
So now I don’t chase, I sit here and stare at my face
And wonder how I got so far of course in this race
No longer being chased by my shadow like a tail
I stop running in circles and I know we can’t fail.


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