Grow with the flow

Written by Tim S Poma

Why do we always swim up stream?
Is it because we missed the point of our dreams?
Or is it because we got caught up in the shimmer of the wave,
And we forgot all the things we were supposed to save.
The further up stream we go, the further away from the dream we grow.
Like a seed that’s gone aloof, its time to fall back together and let go now.
We’ve seen a lot of things some beautiful and some disgusting
Like the time those planes hit that tall building,
Or the time that someone shot Martin Luther king,
It’s a sad state of affairs when the brother can’t have a dream.
We have been growing up stream so hard,
That our roots are our stretched out a little to far.
Time to go with the tide of change and grow with the flow
And let all of our misfortune be rearranged.
Are you still filling deranged?
Because I could pull the plug and let this water out of the tub again,
And let it drain down to the roots of the problems my friends,
For these nutrients are needed as well as a little but of nurturing.
I want to stop now and listen to the river flow, and hear the birds sing
I want to grow towards the ocean and back to my dream
I still want to be emancipated, liberated and free!
So I’m letting go now and I’m going to grow with the flow.
And I’m asking all of you won’t you grow with me?


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