Democracy a Mockery

By Tim S Poma

When our capitalistic society,
Makes a mockery,
Out of our liberties,
Its time to rethink this democracy
I think our democracy isn’t really a democracy,
But rather the illusion of being free.
Once Capitalism puts democracy in check,
That means very soon there will be no liberties left.
As The bill of rights and our voice to fight,
Has been sold by our democracy,
And our politicians on the left and right,
To the highest corporate bidder they could get to bite.
And left to pay is us the American patrons.
As The government continues to sale out to the corporations,
Which is best described or better yet defined as fascism,
Or this Economic system or the reason for this dysfunction.
You can disagree with me,
And tell me we live in the greatest country,
And I wouldn’t disagree with you,
Because there will be plenty of time for debating,
On the democratic stage we call a political arena,
As they all dance and prance like a bunch of ballerinas.
They tip toe threw your wallets and play with our hearts,
With no strings attached they slash, cut, and bash.
The best reasons for living they take away your pension,
While they squander our social security,
Which makes me feel a whole lot more secure you see,
For the insurance agency just took a life policy out on me.
That was called dead peasant insurance,
As if my life wasn’t already ruff enough,
They will profit on me when I die too.
How could this be there dream come true?
Scammed by the blue chip and the blue tie guys
As we Work our ass of till the day that we die
I no longer want to be their statistic, from which they can profit
But they keep making themselves number 1
with all of th immoral, unseen things they have done
It goes beyond a bad dream or a night terror
They have a name for it it’s called the American dream
No providing for you and me
the only man that matters gets to rolls in this greed
While the stock holders take a bath
I’m drenched in kerosene holding the match
As they pledge allegiance to this waste
There’s not much time for them to be saving face
And all I really want to know is when did our productivity
become counter productive?
What makes them feel good about taking away from my family?
And how come their heart’s so icy cold,
is it because it’s shadowed by greed?


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