Politricks is not my Fate

I just recently watched “Capitalism a love story” by Michael Moore, and these are the feelings I was feeling after I watched it. Let me start of by saying I am not a peasant, a piss ant a pee one or a slave, and this movie made me really want to shake my cage!
I have watched many documentaries in my days including some about film maker Michael Moore, which showed him as a manipulator of information, basically twisting interviews of people to get his desired results. However I did not feel like he was able to do this, this time because most of his questions and answers were done in one take sequence. And the people he was interviewing were politicians who were opposed to the bail out… he also showed a lot of foottage from congress which is recorded via Cspan. I highly recommend that you at least watch this documentary once. Know that he is not bashing either political party he is bashing the whole system. Which if you were to ask me I would tell you is totally, totally corrupt and has been for along time!

Politricks is not my Fate

By Tim S Poma

Politic no longer decides our fate,
We left that up to Goldman Sacs and b of A.
They say we live in a democracy,
But it is barely evident with the politicians we keep.
Neither democrat nor republican will untie my chains,
Even though we all are chanting “we want change.”
For my change they keep tossing penny’s our way,
In hopes that they can keep stealing under the light of day.
The copper it has tarnish my hole reason for being,
All the while they keep assuring me that freedom isn’t free.
Which leads me to another question how could we be so naive?
We all working hella hard at a job that’s underpaid,
Working now almost for less then minimum wage.
How it is that one man can make 1.5 billion dollars?
And if we were to combine all my friends and family, added up
I don’t even think we break the 1.5 million Dollars
Which to them is nothing more then drop in a cup
How is it that we the people let our politics get so corrupt?
So completely fucked up till my society on the verge of being bankrupt?
Society has to stop coming up to me and digging in my wallet
Because I never get the change I want to see.
For there game was keep the peasants so strapped
That we have to pray that we can get this rock to bleed
Just in order so that I can live and feed my family.
Is any one on the same page as me
Mad as hell and tired of this democracy
Demonizing the entire working class
As the riches of the rich just steal and sit on there ass
There plying monopoly with my life
By deregulating banks
And making corporate government ties
But today, today it’s not going to fly
Today I’m going to stand, and not let them just pass by
Because I’m a human too and I deserve not to work till I die


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