Let Your Wallet do the Talking

By Tim S Poma

Let your wallet speak for your heart.
If you want change let the way you spend be the spark.
Connect the dots in the dark,
Can you not see the earth she’s falling apart?
Look no further than the power in your pocket,
It might not be much but I’m sure we can shock it.
Keep the loving in your eye,
Think complaisantly,
As we think differently with our mind.
Let your wallet be your vote,
If you want jobs in the USA,
Then spend your money that way.
You want to keep the city green,
Then let go, and dispose, of the other things.
Let your wallet be your guide,
And sacrifice for change.
You know its right,
Buy only what you need don’t let trinkets,
Get you twisted up with true needs.
For surly were keeping up with the Joneses,
And I’m still jonesen for a cigarette,
But if I didn’t spend money on smoke it wouldn’t exist.
Let you wallet be your vote
And change the world and rock the boat,
Because hope floats,
On a thin, thin line,
It’s called a dollar and it will do just fine.
Don’t remember how it got this way,
All I know is I need this change,
And not the coins that they hand back to me,
I’m looking for a change in morality.
For too long we have all been rivals,
Basing our luck on our money and quality of survival,
But no more can I let this go,
So I will vote with my wallet and let you know.
Making educated purchases,
That will benefit the earth then me.
No more buying of things that I just don’t need.
When it comes to food now don’t be rude,
I’m sure we don’t need to eat meat every day,
Especially if you knew the way,
That they were slaughtered and there quality of life.
You would ask yourself how and why?
Once you dove deep you would see it’s for profits
Stuffing our sheep and cows with steroids and antibiotics
What goes in our food we eat to!
That’s why there are super bugs that are resistant to all drugs,
And that’s why we have fish that have mutated sex organs,
From the run off of feed lots,
And we pay for this,
When we purchase ourselves some meat and things we don’t need.
Now I’m not saying to be a veggie,
But take a look around and see the consequence of our actions,
And know we need to change this,
If not for you then do it for me and all the children,
That can not yet see.
We slowly pay for the earths decay,
Instead of figuring out new ways,
To do things differently,
Or even better,
And for this reason we must use our power of persuasion.
When spending by yourself It might not seem like much,
But if we all went out for lunch,
I have a hunch we could change this world a bunch.
So next time your in line at the store think,
To your self what is my money standing for?
And do I really want this?
Or am I just thinking I do.
Because that is the way it was and I can’t start new.
Well think again my friend,
Because in the end this world we can mend,
If we only think with our wallets.
And stop all this pretending.
For with our conscious purchases this world we could be mending!


2 Responses to “Let Your Wallet do the Talking”

  1. Dude, this is amazing. Truth. Honesty. Logic.

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