Born the glimpse of heart

By Tim S Poma

I lay in the mud
Covered in dirt.
My hands are filthy as I learned sin
Through their value of worth
So I cheated on the test
That didn’t mean much
So now I’m eaten a stolen lunch
I grow false ties
Between the mysterious and the despised
But I still see my minds “I” (idea)
For this reason tears of gold drip from our hearts
As golden streams flow to a frozen ocean
We get a glimpse of heart broken

I may bend
But you can not make me break
For your idea of my fate
You vial of deception
Your true intentions
Are reason enough for our inception

Time to go to school again
As we sing let go my ego
We turn to the id
To see where it was that we hide
The truth of all of our life’s
And why we burn and reason for our fight.


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