Give me Give me

By Tim S Poma

They shall not want doesn’t mean that
We shouldn’t want hope peace and freedom equality to all and love forever one!

I want I want
Love to fill my heart
As tears of joy come from within
To lift my spirits high
I can not help but cry
For the truth is evident
We all will die
But I want to live forever
I want to give
My soul for those that don’t know
It’s ok to want
It’s ok to need
As long as its love
Read my words and then
You’ll know its ok to grow
No need to be afraid your actions will forever resonate
Through out the ages of time
As this love grows and begins to show
Fear not the deceptions
For they love too
And if you dig deep enough you can still see you
In their passing reflections
As we speak words that we rather not mention
I love for the sake of life
I love for the brothers, daughter and the widowed wife
As the son learns from the father so shall we
As we all stand around and let them hang us from our wisdom tree
Today is another good day
To stand up for anything good
That is left when I utter the words

I want, I want, but for not myself
But the rest of the common wealth
Who has been pushed down the plank?
To believe like fish in a tank they are free
While they shave our heads and let our freedom bleed
I cry for the rhythm that is coming back again
A tone that echoes like a bomb
As we hear the words we say boom!


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