What’s up our sleeve?

Oh yes, I know that I want much more,
Then what this life has in store,
This is the one thing I know for sure.
I see the moon cry with our own eye,
As the sun sings her a lullaby.
The most beautiful song in all the land,
Created for Robin Hood,
And the beautiful thieves.
To teach us to grow and remember what it is that’s
Up our sleeve.
For in the trees,
I see the breeze,
And I feel your presents.

Like a present you sent,
To help us lament,
And our ideas to ferment.
In this place and time,
With out there profits,
And only love in our minds,
Hope in our hearts,
And the promise of our new start.

We are not as barbaric as we once seemed,
I can sense it in his dream.
I can see the gears turn,
And feel our eyes yearn,
As our hearts of light burns to be free.

I see a feather fall from the sky,
An object of beauty as it touches my eye,
And to the left I witnessed a mother cry,
And I wonder why?


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