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Winter Wind

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Winter Wind

By Tim S Poma

You know its cold out side when I get tong tied.
There is frost on the window and everything I pass by.
Looking for love in the form of a little bit of warmth.
Looking for warmth to find a little northern comfort.
My jackets is zipped and my lips are sealed,
As Jack Frost offers me a great big hug of chill.
My will is broke, as I begin to choke it on down,
The freezer burn like razor burn makes my soul unsound.
My gloves are on tight so that I save my touch,
Other wise I would be a victim of Frost bitten lunch.
Oh would it be too much to ask on this late February’s day,
For a little sun shine to March in and warm these cold rays.
A little time on the side walk and my toes begin to freeze,
As the winter wind chills my spine with its arctic cold breeze.


Only You

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Only You

By Tim Scott Poma

Only one can hurt you,
Only one can desert you,
and only one can be the judge,
of Which way your actions will shown or be smudged.

Only one can break you physically,
Only one can shake you mentally,
and there is only one who puts,
A limit on all your abilities.

Only one can bring you drama,
Only one can make it sustain,
And only one can create,
a reputation for your name.

Only one can make you smile,
only one can make you cry,
and there is only one ,
who can make Decisions in your life.

Only one can be you,
Only one, one like you,
And when the one comes together,
What a beautiful view.

Windows to My World

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Windows to My World

By Tim Scott Poma

My eyes and my ears are the window to the world.
I’ve seen death destruction and people jumping out of windows hurled.
My ears have heard such heavy things, making my eyes go weak,
Because when my eyes see the world through the TV I can not speak.

My eyes and my ears are the window to the world.
I’ve seen beauty, and I’ve seen grace and I have seen Gods familiar face.
My ears have heard such joyous sounds, making my eyes weep.
Because when my eyes see the world full of love and I can not speak.

I have seen of doom.
I have been to the edges of life and watched it bloom.
I have seen beauty and I have seen grace,
And I have been touched by the hand of God on my face.
I can see people all around me suffering steady,
As I watch hurricanes rip threw a man made levy.
I can see the love that we all have and have had,
But I see the wall that tells us our love is bad.
My lenses have seen so much,
Desensitized by the telly I tend to lose touch.
For my lenses need to be cleaned,
Rewashed a new vision a new dream.
For the love that I have been shown,
Grows between gaps in my heart and bones.
These eyes have seen a lot of pain,
And these eyes have got a lot of love to gain.
So straight to the heart of my lenses I will go,
Because so far from reality we like birds have all flown.

Anxious Ears

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Made by Tim S Poma
By Tim S Poma

Anxiety penetrates my once still mind,
Leaving my thoughts vacant, void and blind.
Then the fear like a hyena rears its ugly head
Leaving me paralyzed and my heart cold and dead
Oh the fear it creeps in so slowly and it weighs so heavy,
As it crashes into my mind leading a breach in my spiritual levy.
As oxidations resides where irons use to flex,
Nothing gained, nothing lost not even respect.
In this closed systems we find ourselves in,
We have tainted it with the love of the skin.
As we hang our once humble heads in shame,
We are forsaken by the greed of this game.
No time to catch up, no time to regain,
All that’s left now is to break the shackles
Like a noose hung around our brain.
Anxiety leaves me parched and my mouth all dry,
As tears gather round the place where my eyes use to reside.
The place where God graced me with the ability to see,
But my vision seems to have eluded and evaded me,
As all that’s left of life is the crusade of greed.
Fear it rushes in when the words are tied to sin,
And hell is what is left when you subscribe to that pin.
My hands might be dirty but my conscious is clean,
As I work in the fields and build other peoples dreams.
Screaming in silence my anxiety comes rushing back,
As I fall to the wake of the place my heart was seen last.
The bridge is built with iron and it will stand
But rust will besiege it and be the fall of this man
Nothing will ever stand tall unless it rises up
So to the men who can see past the fear and anxiety,
We, together will build bridges that span across the sea.
Is anybody still listening?

When you’re feeling down, what music cheers you up?

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Top Shelf String Section

Photo by Tim Scott Poma

Music Can Move You


When I’m felling down, what music can cheer me up
It all does usually, all I have to do is turn the volume up!
But it all depends on what kind of funk I am in,
As to what can raise my sprits and lift my pen.
When I’m mad at the state of things,
Punk rock always makes me sing.
When I’m upset about who cheated on who,
Country music always pulls me threw.
And when I really want to uplift
My soul and my spirit
I turn to the reggae remedies,
It cools my anger like a gentle spring breeze.
When I want no one to tell me how to feel
I Listen to Wagner, Beethoven and the classical thrills
As violins and piano concertos give my heart the chills.

When I’m lost in music
There’s no need to worry about a thing
“Because every little thing is going to be alright”
Bob Marley

What Music Is….

Music is an essential part of life. It is like oxygen for the lungs or blood for the heart. It is an art form whose medium is mathematical in nature that is expressed as sound organized in time. Music like any other art form tends to a brutally beautiful and represents a more truthful portrayal of a life. This is the reason music is able to relate to so many people. The reason music speaks volumes to so many people on so many different levels is because music is the accumulated consciousness of man or simply put, music is the evolution of sound. Music gets its root from the original beat, the heart. And it finds its original strings from the voice of the person singing it. Since these roots have grown and intertwined we find like a cornucopia that starts off very small and grows rather large so dose the types of sounds and noise’s we make, create and combine. There is a truth to music that goes far beyond the depth of the beautiful ascetics of the rhythm or the rhyme of the spoken word. There is a feeling that flows from generation to generation an underlying root ingrained into our consciousness that seems to stem from the origin of our being.

Music Speaks on behalf of the truth. The experiences that one derives from music are so much different from person to person, but many people can hear the music speaking to them. As if the music is not sung at all by the artist but by a voice of reason from the depths of the beginning of time like a heart beat in the night. The creator can be heard whispering to each and every one of us through this mathematical representation of sound based in time called, Music. What other frequency can make us move, shake and jump? Music can touch a person inter core ands send chills up a spine as if we are remembering something that we left behind. Perhaps from another time or from a future time that we have yet to experience and that is why it sends chills to the core of so many individuals. Music can start a mind to grow while it is in the womb of a mother, while at the same time sooth the nerves of frazzled individual. Music is comfort in an uncomfortable world it is a breath of fresh air in this our polluted environment. Music is what moves us and what sooths us and it is the soundtrack to our evolution.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

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Mendocino golden Bees

Photo by Tim Scott Poma


This refuge that I seek,
Is not only mine to find.
For it outlines our entirety,
And can help us to define,
What it is that will make us feel safe,
And where it is that this love can take its place.
This refuge that I speak of holds no boundaries
And it is all about us and all around me
It’s in my eyes and its is in our beauty we call art,
Clear your mind and find the refuge of our heart.

Wicks End

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By Tim S Poma

Is this candle at its wicks end?
As your love like wax has melted for me again.
The wax it slowly trickles down the candle stick,
And it makes a beautiful mess, drip, drip, drip.
The melted wax all flows and runs back together
a drip alone we want to be a candle again put back together.
Our hears still yearn for the wick that has burned.
As the light diminishes and all that’s left is a lesson to learn.
My eyes grow heavy as my heart it grows week,
You won’t listen and I can no longer speak.
My tong is tied as the wax it seals my lips,
As I begging you to take just one more kiss.
For in my heart I will always remember this place,
Your sweet embrace and the way the moon reflected off your face.
Drip, drip, drip, down to the floor the melted liquid flows.
When it’s finally hardens it’s so inflexible,
Just like my love for you it so unstable.
My heart it still beats and bleeds,
As we neglect this love and forget one another’s needs.
Your eyes tell me story’s of days of glory,
And you lips recite words so sweet for me.
Your tears fall like the wax from the candle,
As it melts away I watch your love unravel.
Franticly I breathe, lost in the definition of my needs,
I want us to be but this candle has pasted,
As the flame of the wick has lit its last.
Now darkness surrounds the steaming candle wax
Leaving me wondering why we made our love of wax
If we could go back and forge a new light
I would make a lantern that would burn forever plus a night.
So our love can reflect up into the stratosphere,
So our love it can glow with in this atmosphere.