The Love That Got Away

By Tim S Poma

As The Ocean crushed the rocks into sand,
There she was formed, a perfect mate for this man.
She rose up from a wave and walk on the water to this land.
I ran to catch her but she quickly pulled away her hand.
Confused and confounded I looked for her confidence,
But I couldn’t see her in the mirror which made I of cement.
I then looked down the sea shore and watched her run.
Like a wild horse she was loyal to no purpose or no one.
She galloped down the shore her curly hair twisting and twirling in the breeze,
If she could only see the heart I wore on my sleeve.
I continually ran till I caught up to her beauty once again.
She winked and then smiled at me but I made not a pass,
As she whisked away again I hoped her light would ever last
But at last there she went with a feather in her hair
Down by the meadow where she wore not a care
As I quietly walked down to hold her she walked away,
In to the water with nothing, not even a word to say
And that became the day I let my love get away.


5 Responses to “The Love That Got Away”

  1. beautiful poem.. cheers..!!

  2. That was amazing tim, perfectly fit for the day I am in….
    Thank You

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