Only One Word Left to Speak

Time to stop and Love

Tim Scott Poma Photography

By Tim Scott Poma

If I only had one word left to speak,
Regardless of what day of the week,
I would choose a word that was kind and unique.
I would chose a word that when it is softly spoken
Can send Tingles running up and down your spine,
Making the hair on the back of your neck,
Stand Up, against the test of time.
I’m talking about a word that is not based off the bottom line.
This word I speak of is sometimes is hard to define.
For it is like a diamond with many facets that shine.
From time to time some of these facets can cut deep,
And sometimes it makes this word hard to speak.
Due to the confusion in the air when it is uttered,
Based upon the heart that listening when it flutters.

But for me sometimes this word is hard to see.
When I see people walking around knee deep in need.
While this word is shunned by those consumed by greed,
Or even those that feel the need to constantly compete.
The bottom line is that we don’t understand this word
For if we did society would be a little less observed.
Unlike the “Words of God” which haven’t been uttered ever,
this word plays well with other’s.

This word can bring people together,
And in this word we have never prayed,
For if we did, we would surly act another way.
Because regardless of what you think, you thought, I would say
The word is the definition of the beauty we could create
And surly no ones beliefs have ever been questioned by this word
For this word is lighter then light and it is pure then pure
This I would tell you with out a doubt for sure.
Artist admire this word, musicians sing of its power,
And poets recite the beauty of the petals of this flower.

The word I would choose to say
Till my last breathe on my dying day
Is a word I don’t completely understand,
But I’m only human trying to be the best man I can.
The word I would choose would have to be LOVE
LOVE is the most precious gift from above.
LOVE gives us the ability to know,
But still we don’t know what LOVE is at this point in the show,
And we surly don’t know what LOVE could buy
Because were to busy fighting over whose God is right
But have no fear for Love will keep us alive
And Love will shred this curtain and be a spot light
For those who don’t believe
That Love is all you will ever need
And this is why my word would have to be,


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