What would you tell yourself 10 years ago / Echo’s into the Past

Echo’s into the Past

Written by Tim S Poma

If I could go back ten years
And tell my self something I would tell me this…..

It’s ok to believe in something different.
The Shoe’s God he’s a wearing, are not made of marble or of cement,
But be wise when it comes to the path you choose in life.
For Destiny will always pull you in the direction that it likes,
And no matter what fools think all direction lead toward the light.
This thing called Haven lies in the mind of the man, who makes it,
And the hell he ties his mind too is the reason there is little resistance.
Remember that conformity and obedience never changes anything,
Use your voice, like a weapon and listen to the words that we sing.
Your eyes, they can see different then anyone cares to believe,
And this is because you can wear your heart upon your sleeve.
To make sense of the senseless acts you must first forgive yourself,
Then the task it gets tougher to forgive everyone else.
Some people are villains and some people are the villain’s toys
Just keep praying for eyes and ears to grow in all the girls and the boys!
Keep holding your heart up high as you enter that dark night,
But no worries because you will make it threw that fight.
For The love in you heart can not be shadowed by the dimness of there light,
As the brilliance that we are shines it shows like a diamond in a coal mine.

The fuel I am burning is all my anger and rage,
And the reason I write my tear upon this page.
Believe in your self now because that’s all there is left,
pray to the most high that he puts courage in your chest.
So don’t be afraid now when you want to speak up and out.
Don’t let your government take the words right out of your moth.
For if you do your children will nare see tomorrow
As you are forced just to live to bag steal and brow.
So please keep your conscious, conscious,
As we gaze out into the magnificent stars.
Always keep your head up and don’t let them get you down.
There only trying to replicate our mother’s voice when it sounds.
Don’t let them take the twin towers out of the sky
And be aware ever time man or woman cries.
Pay attention to are you intuition,
Better then thoughts more like a feeling.

Now let your voice ring out and let this liberty ring
Spread peace to the people who do not know what it means.
Don’t play or pretend now, that this life is not willing.
For in your heart lies the fuse to all of our heart stings
So let the rip cord fly as we open up our parachute
And Try and remember it’s never ok to pollute.
These poll’s they lie based on who ever reads them,
So hide your thoughts and play by the touch of your feelings
Remember how she looked as you stared in to the sun
Keep your thoughts free and your mind constantly on the run
only the can this mess be undone.


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