Wicks End

By Tim S Poma

Is this candle at its wicks end?
As your love like wax has melted for me again.
The wax it slowly trickles down the candle stick,
And it makes a beautiful mess, drip, drip, drip.
The melted wax all flows and runs back together
a drip alone we want to be a candle again put back together.
Our hears still yearn for the wick that has burned.
As the light diminishes and all that’s left is a lesson to learn.
My eyes grow heavy as my heart it grows week,
You won’t listen and I can no longer speak.
My tong is tied as the wax it seals my lips,
As I begging you to take just one more kiss.
For in my heart I will always remember this place,
Your sweet embrace and the way the moon reflected off your face.
Drip, drip, drip, down to the floor the melted liquid flows.
When it’s finally hardens it’s so inflexible,
Just like my love for you it so unstable.
My heart it still beats and bleeds,
As we neglect this love and forget one another’s needs.
Your eyes tell me story’s of days of glory,
And you lips recite words so sweet for me.
Your tears fall like the wax from the candle,
As it melts away I watch your love unravel.
Franticly I breathe, lost in the definition of my needs,
I want us to be but this candle has pasted,
As the flame of the wick has lit its last.
Now darkness surrounds the steaming candle wax
Leaving me wondering why we made our love of wax
If we could go back and forge a new light
I would make a lantern that would burn forever plus a night.
So our love can reflect up into the stratosphere,
So our love it can glow with in this atmosphere.


One Response to “Wicks End”

  1. I like the imagery you used to convey your message,very unique.

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