Anxious Ears

Made by Tim S Poma
By Tim S Poma

Anxiety penetrates my once still mind,
Leaving my thoughts vacant, void and blind.
Then the fear like a hyena rears its ugly head
Leaving me paralyzed and my heart cold and dead
Oh the fear it creeps in so slowly and it weighs so heavy,
As it crashes into my mind leading a breach in my spiritual levy.
As oxidations resides where irons use to flex,
Nothing gained, nothing lost not even respect.
In this closed systems we find ourselves in,
We have tainted it with the love of the skin.
As we hang our once humble heads in shame,
We are forsaken by the greed of this game.
No time to catch up, no time to regain,
All that’s left now is to break the shackles
Like a noose hung around our brain.
Anxiety leaves me parched and my mouth all dry,
As tears gather round the place where my eyes use to reside.
The place where God graced me with the ability to see,
But my vision seems to have eluded and evaded me,
As all that’s left of life is the crusade of greed.
Fear it rushes in when the words are tied to sin,
And hell is what is left when you subscribe to that pin.
My hands might be dirty but my conscious is clean,
As I work in the fields and build other peoples dreams.
Screaming in silence my anxiety comes rushing back,
As I fall to the wake of the place my heart was seen last.
The bridge is built with iron and it will stand
But rust will besiege it and be the fall of this man
Nothing will ever stand tall unless it rises up
So to the men who can see past the fear and anxiety,
We, together will build bridges that span across the sea.
Is anybody still listening?


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