Winter Wind

Winter Wind

By Tim S Poma

You know its cold out side when I get tong tied.
There is frost on the window and everything I pass by.
Looking for love in the form of a little bit of warmth.
Looking for warmth to find a little northern comfort.
My jackets is zipped and my lips are sealed,
As Jack Frost offers me a great big hug of chill.
My will is broke, as I begin to choke it on down,
The freezer burn like razor burn makes my soul unsound.
My gloves are on tight so that I save my touch,
Other wise I would be a victim of Frost bitten lunch.
Oh would it be too much to ask on this late February’s day,
For a little sun shine to March in and warm these cold rays.
A little time on the side walk and my toes begin to freeze,
As the winter wind chills my spine with its arctic cold breeze.


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