Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

When is enough, enough?

By Tim Scott Poma

Is it when you got your stuff, stuffed and all stacked up?
Piled to the sky so high it reaches the ceiling,
It this what makes life worth living seem so appealing?
Rooms, shelves, bookcases and storage sheds full,
Roger ate a 4 plates and now he seem to be fooled
Thinks that indulgence can make him so happy,
But after what he ate gluttony never felt so crappy.
And I ask myself when people will get enough?
Enough, enough, enough, enough of this stuff!
Enough of this abundance of waste,
And enough of this abundance of distaste,
While I’m waiting for an abundance of love to replace,
So that our tasteless habits can disappear and dissipate.
Still there is so many have and even more that have not,
For we forget to be grateful and share the things we have got.
As we lie in our abundance dressed like a pig pin,
More and more our desire hangs like drool on our chin
Slowly slipping in to an abundant overdose,
As our abundance grows heavy we go comatose.


6 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance”

  1. Great picture and poem together. I always enjoy couplets and you show that, although you’re serious in this poem about abundance, you have a sense of humor. Finally, these two lines are brilliant!

    As we lie in our abundance dressed like a pig pin,
    More and more our desire hangs like drool on our chin

    Especially that last line – absolute genius. Write more lines like that and you will be a prize-winning poet 🙂

    • i would not have been so serious, except i watched a documentary this morning called the corporation…. and it kinda made me upset… sorry for the heavy words… not all my poems are that way but some tend to be little on the heavy side. i’m glad you enjoyed it none the less. thank you

  2. Great interpretation of this challenge. 🙂

  3. related, indeed!

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