What keeps you up at night

What keeps you up at night?

Dear Mr. Sandman please bring with you a tranquilizer gun
My eyes have been open all day and my mind is on the run.
I beg of you to stop my thoughts or put me to sleep,
So that I may lie inside some brief mental relief,
I would love to snuggle up in a nice warm dream,
By the fire with some cookies and some cream.
But I cannot figure out if it’s burning desire,
Or fits fear of life without light and dreams of a fire,
That keeps my mind up like a bird on a wire.
I ask myself is my conscious clean,
Or is it there, or somewhere in between?
When my eyes lay heavy with wonder and doubt,
Oh how I wish I could get this lead out.
For all this worthless mental mind chatter,
Leaves me more exhausted and my eyes a bit fatter.
My mind he chases all my sweet dreams away,
And left there to wonder is the restlessness that goes astray.
I toss and turn, like a ship upon the open sea.
Wishing to myself that my ideas like winds would cease.
So much commotion it’s got my sails ripping around,
No matter how much I try to concentrate I can’t tie them down.
Sometimes I’m afraid I might capsize on the next big wave,
And it’s there that I cling to my heart like a life raft that saves.
Finally morning light she breaks the once dark night,
And I’m left wondering did I sleep at all or just fight?
Now the question comes do I drink this cup of caffeine?
Or do I dress up like a fire breathing Dragon and play it so mean
As I silently slip out of consciousness to a daydream
Feeling weightless in the hot shower my mood lifted by the steam
I day dream of bring all my dreams to light,
But how can I do this with little or no sleep at night?
This sleepless night has got me felling so restless
With over whelming feelings of helplessness.
So tonight Mr. Sandman pleas bring that gun
So I can sleep again and dream of dreams to come.


4 Responses to “What keeps you up at night”

  1. Fabulous!

  2. Kamakshi Says:

    I have been looking around your blog and i love everything i’ve read….i guess now time 2 sleep!!

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