Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Tim Scott Poma photography

Shadow Games

By Tim S Poma

The shadows sat silently in the dark corner,
Tightly clinching a lit cigarette.
The night began to fall, the sun began to wave,
As if to say good-bye to another useful day.
The dark figure grew bigger and bigger.
With every deep breathe a bright red glow,
Followed by a deep sigh and a cloud of smoke.
Till the bright red cherry soon fell amongst the shadows,
Until the shadows became one and were all around,
But you couldn’t hear them they made not a sound.
The shadows played and bounced from wall to wall,
Some of them lied in the streets and looked like a ball,
But the closest one to the rise of the sun stood tall and said,
Prepare your self’s cause soon we will fade and be dead.
They all rushed around as the sky began to open,
Just then the sun reached around a cloud and came in focus.
Till the tip of the sun reached the peak of the town,
And every shadow was no where to be found.
Because we let the light of our hearts and our soul shine,
So that our love could devour the shadows of this time.


4 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow”

  1. Kamakshi Says:

    Nice poem….the pic too, but you could’ve made it more dramatic if u lost the victory sign…

    Just sharing my opinion, sorry if u felt bad!

    • Thats not a victory sign thats a Peace sign :).. to me the peace sign in the shadows is symbolic that the peace is still here but its in the shadows and it only when we realize that it is possible that we can have it, but we must first realize that it begins with us!… or something like that 🙂

  2. nice one in the shadow challenge

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