All we will ever need

made by Tim S Poma

All we will ever need

By Tim Scott Poma

Don’t let the fear become our demise.
See there is beauty right in front of your eyes.
We need to see that we are not separate, indeed.
Furthermore we already have every thing we need.
In our veins there is blood like love that bleeds,
And in our eyes are the tears that fall when we cry.
As we succumbed to our fears we never really realize,
So afraid of dyeing that we bow our heads in shame,
So fearful that the cards have been stacked in a different name.
In the name of all fear that we hold in our hearts,
In the name of the evil that always plays its part,
But don’t be ashamed for the fear that fills you up.
Find something good and honest to live for and lets all erupt.
For my cup runtih over and I have not a thing,
But the love for and from my friends, family and angels that sing.
For they are the direction and reason for this new love connection,
Hear it in your heart and let this love start.
Delete the viruses that consumes us in fear and greed,
And see that the love we have is all we will ever need.


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