Deep breath

Deep breath

By Tim S Poma And Jeff Walker

I take a deep breath,
Like it my last one left.
Looking for some connectivity,
Searching for a little continuity.
I exhale and begin to breathe,
Looking for things that remain unseen.
My mind it still plays tricks on me,
I can’t believe what my eyes have seen,
Is this really reality or just a dream?
Light leaves my heart warm and bright,
As my mind fills my lungs with stage fright.
So I can not move or change gears,
Based on all these artificial fears.
As the tears fall from outer space,
I can’t remember the look on your face.
Lost and displaced in this distant place,
Still Hoping for the trump of the ace.
I exhale and take a deep breath once more,
Reminded of time I spent on those calming shores.
Still Looking for waves to break these castle walls,
Hoping for a mutiny so these curtains will fall.
Looking for the breath to give me some courage,
As the news men constantly will discourage,
Any insurgency that is needed so urgently,
For us to be able to take a deep breathe and breath so freely


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