Give, Give, Give.

Give, Give, Give.

By Tim S Poma

Optimistic and positive,
Is the way I choose to live.
By overcoming every man made obstacle,
We can see what it is that is truly possible.
We have all been blessed to wear this flesh,
But for granted we make it when we don’t think limitless.
In being a human we all have so much to bring,
When we don’t title ourselves and do good for the good of all beings.
There is so much love in the world in which we live.
When we separate our minds from our wallet and give, give, give.
We also liberate our hearts and create experiences that are positive
So open up your mind and your wallet and lets create a new reason to live
For the way I choose to live is optimistic and positive
Because I got a lot, a lot, a lot of love to give, give, give.


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