Slang the Dang Thing

Let me start off by saying I know fo sho that there is literally hundreds of regional slang words, but there only a couple I find myself using on a daily. I was born and raised in Ukiah, California there for I find myself speaking with a Northern Cali tongue. Growing up I learned most of my slang from my peers, watching MTV and listening to rap music. However as I have grown up so has my vocabulary. Although I do not partake in much of the slang of my youth I still find some slang has stuck with me. Slang such as: word, hella, stoked and bro. of course this lingo mainly comes out when I’m in the company of friends, and is restricted greatly while in the work place.

My favorite of all these slang words would have to be “word.” If I was to define “word” the definition would be as follows: to agree with, to understand, to accept and it also can be used in a greeting. For example about a week ago my bro Chad called me and said “hey were going to go San Francisco to play a show this Friday you want to come?” I then respond with “Word bro, I’d be Hella stoked to go.” It’s funny to me because it made absolute sense and it did to Chad as well. As a matter of fact I he responded with “stoked your rolling with us bro.” Until this project I never realized how much slang has defined my language, my culture and my generation.

Although there are some words I deem acceptable there are others that make me say OMG, and then I LOL because some one told me they would BRB. I don’t know if acronyms can be classified as slang or if texting is a new language all on its own, but I do know that I cant stand to hear people recite it. There is truly nothing worse then sitting out at diner and hearing someone say “OMG really!” It makes me wonder are we getting smarter or more stupider..(LOL) Well you get the point. Regardless no matter how you look at it slang is here to stay. It may change or evolve generation to generation based on the influences and icons of the time, but the fact still remains the same slang is a part of our language and will always be. Lets just hope that text slang doesn’t become a predominate part of the English language and I will be hella stoked.


One Response to “Slang the Dang Thing”

  1. Dude bro, that was bomb…hella good points, rad by me on the daily. Sweet

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